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LivingTalks v1.1 is a conference content management tool under the open source license. It is based on Enterprise JavaBeans and runs with Sun's reference implementation.

Erratum: The extracted files which may be found on the CD-ROM of the Net.ObjectDays 2000 conference have one problem: most file names have a wrong case! The archive on the same CD contains a copy of all files with correct file names!

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Enter or manage all authors and speakers -- START HERE! Manage the categories any talk must belong to Click if you take warm showers too...
Enter or manage the talks
Create or manage blocks such as sessions, keynotes, single talks, coffee breaks etc. Import data which was exported previously
Create or manage tracks which typically are rooms for a day Schedule blocks into tracks thereby making up the logical program Export all data typically for the purpose of backup or migration
Publish any changes to the program making them visible to the grand audience out there Apply for a user ID or added privileges Login -- You may do this later on as well

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